IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Basic Concepts

For many new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager admins the concepts of TSM are a dark box.  Even older TSM admins has often missed some of these concepts as they had not use them yet. For that IBM released earlier a very nice TSM posters which explain these concepts. I believe they are great for any TSM admin room. Below is the link for these posters, even if you don’t have a room to hang them on your office wall, just go over them. They more than likely will have something usefull for you.

These posters can be found at:

TSM Basic Concepts Posters

Please post a comment with what do u think of these posters? I really care to hear how many of you had printed it and used it.

Note: You can order this poster for free from IBM at Free TSM Basic Concepts Posters

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