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PHD Virtual Monitor Review

Monday 12 March 2012 @ 9:51 pm

I have been approached by PHD Virtual to try out and review PHD Virtual Monitor. I have decided to take the challenge and discover how it operate. As usual I will start with what I liked about the product then I will describe what I felt missing and that I would love to see being added or fixed in future releases. I believe this help admins figure out if PHD Virtual Monitor is the product they are looking for and will help PHD Virtual to make sure their products cover the needs of more admins. Before I get to evaluating the product, if you are looking for instruction on how to install it or just wondering how I did install it and test it in my lab then please have a look at my other post at: PHD Virtual Monitor for VMware Step by Step Installation & Configuration

IBM Systems Director 6.1 becomes unusable with ATKCOR031E An unknown error has occurred

Monday 15 February 2010 @ 3:01 pm

After using IBM Systems Director 6.1 for a month or so, customers seems to always hit a funny error “ATKCOR031E An unknown error has occurred”. This error tear up IBM Systems Director 6.1 unusable. This error seems to come up when discovering many items usually 500 or more, which cause IBM Director to stuck & force you to reboot the machine. After the reboot you start IBM Director web console & get hammered with the error on the web console.

The only work around I have been able to find on the net so far was to do an smreset to IBM Director. The problem with this its a destructive procedure and will get you to lose your configuration & the data in your IBM Director Database. Below is a solution I have came up with that will eliminate the need for SMreset.

Managing IBM Power Server using IBM Systems Director 6

Saturday 21 November 2009 @ 11:27 am

Well, my manager has just assigned me the task to monitor IBM Power Servers using IBM Systems Director 6.1 for one of our larger clients. Although I would not call my self an expert when it comes to IBM Power Server, I have an adequate knowledge when it comes to IBM Systems Director. As I have been searching across the web, I have came across a nice set of IBM Videos by Nigel (Big thanks to Nigel) which show exactly how to monitor & manage IBM Power Servers using IBM Systems Director. I was able to use the same techniques to carry out my installation, so I thought I will share them here with my readers. I am hoping it will save you some research time & will easily educate you of IBM Systems Director if you are searching for a monitoring tool for your IBM Power Server, but still don’t have the budget for Tivoli which you are budgeting for next year.

IBM Director 6.1 download agent tcdriver packages

Wednesday 5 August 2009 @ 7:47 am

The IBM Systems Director 6.1 has the feature to deploy its common agent remotely, though it seem the problem facing most people is when they try to deploy the agent using the wizard provided they get an error saying  it cannot proceed because the package has to be imported. It is a pretty annoying error. What makes it worse if you go and try to read the IBM System Director 6.1 manual you will find it say to resolve this you will need to download the tcdriver packages, but never refer to where you can get it at. After a long search on the internet & talking to IBM support I found the tcdriver packages download link to be as below:

IBM Systems Director 6 important Terminology changes

Wednesday 5 August 2009 @ 3:45 am

As IBM Director 6 has been released few months back & with all the publicity IBM has made about its enhancement. I thought I will try it out. Although I had a quite good experience with IBM Director 5.2, I found it a bit tough to start with IBM Director 6 without returning to the manual. It seems IBM has totally rebuilt the product from scratch with a totally new interface & new terminology.

After catching the important terminology changes from IBM Director 5.2 to IBM Systems Director 6 life has become way easier with the new Systems Director. For that reason I have decided to share these new Terminology with all of you IBM Director 5.2 admins & gurus to have a nicer start with IBM Director 6 than what I had.