IT Solutions LIVE WEBINARs Page

As I get invites to a lot of interested Webinars and IT Solutions events that of interest to my readers. I have started a new pageĀ  where I will be posting these event to. You can find the IT Solutions Live Webinars page at:

Keep checking out as I will start posting info about many Webinars covering Storage, Virtualization, Backup, & Management solutions as they hit my mailbox.

If you are a vendor in Storage, Virtualization, Backup, or Management solutions and want me to include your Webinar info on my page all you have to do is just to drop me an e-mail few weeks ahead of the Webinar as it usually get me a bit of time to get to it and it get useless if I get to it after the Webinar date has been passed.

Happy learning!!

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  1. Pritesh - March 3rd, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Could anybody plz give me some details on Tape library configuration with all terms like checking-in checking-out auditing etc. as i’m undergoing a training on TSM n i’m unable to find info’s regarding this topic..!!

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