6.2. IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager TSM Configuration Wizard

If you have IBM Tivoli Storage Manager in your environment and you have a Tivoli Data Protection license for the server you have installed Tivoli FlashCopy Manager on, you will need to go through the IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager TSM Configuration Wizard as shown below, else you will want to look at the IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager Local Configuration Wizard as illustrated in Section 6.1.

1-  Start IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager: start => All Programs => Tivoli FlashCopy Manager


2- Expand the menu in the left side of IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager and browse to Wizards as showing in the image below. Double click on the TSM Configuration.


3- Check Mark SQL Server and then hit next.


4- On the Requirements Check Page ensure all the status is passed. If not you can click on the warning or error link showing in the status area to fix it.


5- Double Click on the Failed Link next to the “License Check for Data Protection for SQL”. A small pop up will request you to browse to your TDP license file. After browsing to the path of the license file hit OK to proceed.


6- (In case of Cluster setup) Create an empty folder in a shared driver where you have no Databases or log files. This folder will be used to maintain some TSM configuration files, which will allow both nodes to restore from backups taken by the other node. For example: Q:\tsmvssdir

7- (In case of Cluster setup) Hit the Warnings link next to the Cluster check.


8- (In case of Cluster setup) Browse to the folder created in step 6 to be used for the vssaltstagindir option & hit OK.


9- Ensure all the requirements status is set to passed & hit next.


10- Fill the desired node names to be used in TSM. If this is a cluster node then make sure to use the same Data Protection for SQL name for both nodes.


11- In the TSM Server Settings page fill your TSM Server information & check yes to let FCM wizard configure your TSM Server automatically. Provide the TSM Admin creditionals as well, then hit next to proceed.


12-  In case of Cluster setup) As on both nodes you have used the same Data Protection for SQL name & each time the FCM will reset the password for that node with an autogenerated password, the first node will not be able to access TSM. To resolve this you will have to reset the node password on the TSM server & insert it when the FCM ask for it when you initiate backup or restore operation for the first time after you have reset the password. To reset the password for the node see the example in the image below where the update node command is used to reset the password of the node SQLSRVPOC to “admin”:


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