New IBM Tivoli Software and Solutions

To help small and medium enterprises to automate the management of PCs, servers and storage technology and security throughout its infrastructure

IBM has announced a new software to help small and medium enterprises to automate the management of PCs, servers and storage technology and security throughout their infrastructure.The new Tivoli Express software enables IBM to mid-sized companies manage their information technology as larger enterprises, but at a more affordable and easier to use.

With the new software from IBM Tivoli Express, SMEs have a more secure and cheaper to integrate hardware, software, storage, networks and systems throughout your organization.For example, with this software, a school or a hospital, which may not have expertise in information technology in its workforce, now can rely on automated management capabilities to correct errors or problems in its IT infrastructure such as server crashes , Falls from the mail systems or access by employees to confidential information.

IBM has developed the software in direct collaboration with 45 of his business partners in the development laboratories of IBM in the United States. They have also been crucial in the development of this software considerations of hundreds of clients who have participated in the trial, which has been done to make sure the software includes features that the average size of companies deemed essential, such as the management of overloading the server, monitoring applications, protecting information and verifying passwords.

Much of the training that IBM provides its business partners in regard to this new software is done through a portal for e-learning: the Virtual Innovation Center (VIC). IBM invests 1,000 million dollars each year on their channel programs and initiatives. The software division of IBM has over 6,000 employees dedicated to sales and marketing for the sector of small and medium enterprises.

The new Tivoli Express portfolio includes:

– IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Express – Help SMEs to prevent internal attacks, eliminating the user accounts of employees who leave the company and blocking those who try to use accounts that a company could not cancel. It also facilitates compliance with existing regulations, significantly reducing the time for gathering information and preparing reports. In turn enables new employees to get a new user account in minutes. The product will be on sale from February 28, 2006.

– IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express – The risks of data loss such as viruses, file corruption and system crashes can greatly affect SMEs. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express gives smaller businesses a backup and data recovery affordable and easy to install and use that allows them to begin to generate automated backups in less than an hour. Will be available from March 17, 2006.

– IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express – This is a solution for managing inventory and software distribution very affordable that collects, stores and maintains hardware, software and information from the company’s assets. It can automatically distribute software applications to keep personal computers updated and safe, minimizing the need for technical support or the time spent by end-users for this purpose. IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express will be available from March 31, 2006.

– IBM Tivoli Monitoring Express – Provides self-management capabilities to medium-sized enterprises. With it, smaller companies can manage their applications as online-mail systems or bill payment, self-Repaired and automatically correcting the problems that might appear on its infrastructure, such as falls from the applications on the servers of the company , Operating systems and databases. In addition, you can detect the need for specific procedures, such as the need for additional servers when there is danger of overload capacity. Its installation is very simple and can be completed in two hours. IBM Tivoli Monitoring Express will be on sale from April 7, 2006.

About IBM Software

The Division of IBM Software provides the broadest range of infrastructure software industry and has a strong commitment to the development and adoption of open standards like Java, XML and Linux. During fiscal 2005, the billing software of the area reached 15,800 million, which places it as the second largest software company in the world after Microsoft.Notas_de_prensa_archivo

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