IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Introduction (Day1)

As its your first day in our TSM School, please choose your seat and tighten your belt and be ready. Today we will introduce you to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager & its primary functions.

TSM is the primary backup & data management solution used into the enterprise today. TSM has a tough competition in the SMB mainly due to its cost, as its an enterprise solution. In the other hand, its a clear winner when it come to the enterprise for many reasons just summarizing few of them below:

1- TSM Can easily scale up to thousands of nodes without any problem. It has been designed with enterprise scalability in mind. Most other backup solutions fail to scale up after couple of hundreds of nodes, but with TSM scalability is a major advantage.

2- IBM Tivoli Storage manager support heterogeneous environment. It support so many platforms including (Mainframe (zOS & Linux), AIX, Linux, HP UX, Windows,….etc). It support way more operating systems & applications than any other backup solution in the market today.

3- TSM have many intelligent date movement and store techniques, that make building a hierarchical backup & a pyramid of muli-level storage a feasible task. Something which can be very difficult to achieve with other solutions.

4- It’s an off-site backup ready, which can be used to build up a disaster recovery plan.

Plenty of other reasons are there, check out with your IBM Partner or IBM website to find out if TSM is the right solution for you. For now let’s start diving into the product.

For Today We will Cover three Sections:

First Section: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Components

Second Section: IBM TSM Functions & Capabilities

Third Section: TSM Licensing

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  1. santhakumar.v - September 8th, 2012 at 9:22 pm


    Its been very useful and of great help.could you please guide me to find the latest TSM Dump’s for my preperation as i was asked to complete certification in one months time.

  2. buddy Balaji - July 3rd, 2014 at 2:51 am

    Nice to learn the basic steps for TSM server manager

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