Format Completed with Return Code 499

If you have been trying to upgrade TSM 5 to TSM 6 & received the following error:  “Format Completed with Return Code 499” Then follow the steps below, which I have got from IBM article to fix the problem. I have used these steps & they have worked for me & they should work for you too.

If this is not an upgrade & you started with a clean install, but you still got a missed up database then follow up the steps below & then follow up: “How do you remove a server instance without uninstalling the TSM server?” which will remove the corrupted instance & database & you will be ready for trying to initialize the instance again. Below is the how-to copied from IBM KB.


Upgrade wizard fails during Format of database

Upgrade Wizard for Tivoli Storage Manager from 5.X to 6.X fails with the following error:

Format Completed with Return Code 499

There are no additional error messages in the Upgrade wizard screen. The file Format.out does not get created.

The user id created for the Tivoli Storage Manager instance has not been added to the DB2ADMNS or DB2USERS group

Resolving the problem

Add the Tivoli Storage Manager instance user to the DB2ADMNS and DB2USERS GROUP by running the following on Windows command line:

net localgroup DB2ADMNS user_ID /add
net localgroup DB2USERS user_ID /add

Log off and log back on as the Tivoli Storage Manager instance user and run the upgrade wizard again.


Remember after completing the above steps to follow the article pointed to in the beginning of the article if this was a new clean install & not an upgrade.

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    Hi I need to run multiple instance of TSM Server in one server machine. How can i achieve it? Could you please provide me documents or links?

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