8.3. Microsoft vShadow Transaction Consistent Database Cloning to a different server

You might get into the situation where you have to quickly clone your production database to a different server for some release management. In most situations, you will not be able to take that database down, neither have the time to do backup & restore so online transaction consistent database cloning will be a great tool for you. The capability of IBM VDS & DS8000 FlashCopy & vShadow with a bit of scripting can provide you with just that. Below is a small batch files with explanation which can do just that.

======== fcm.bat ========

del bc1.xml sc1.cmd

C:\fcm\vshadow.exe -p -t=bc1.xml -script=sc1.cmd d: l:

echo c:\fcm\fcmmount.bat >> sc1.cmd

copy c:\fcm\bc1.xml \\SQLsrv01_POC\C$\fcm /y

copy c:\fcm\sc1.cmd \\SQLsrv01_POC\C$\fcm /y

copy c:\fcm\fcmmount.bat \\SQLsrv01_POC\C$\fcm /y

copy c:\fcm\fcmremote.bat \\sqlsrv01_poc\c$\fcm /y

c:\fcm\psexec.exe \\sqlsrv01_poc c:\fcm\fcmremote.bat


======== fcmremote.bat ========

c:\fcm\vshadow -i=c:\fcm\bc1.xml



======== fcmmount.bat ========

c:\fcm\vshadow -el=%SHADOW_ID_1%,F:\sql

c:\fcm\vshadow -el=%SHADOW_ID_2%,F:\logs

c:\fcm\vshadow -bw=%SHADOW_SET_ID%


In order for the script above to work you have to create the three batch files with the same names shown above each. In addition, you will have to put them in the folder c:\fcm on the source server with the vshadow executable. You will have to create a c:\fcm on the target server with vshadow executable in it. As well the username it’s executed under must have access on the target server & be able to write to the c:\fcm folder on the remote server.

– The script above start by deleting old configuration files & then it creates a transportable shadow copy of the d: & l: drives. Its then import these shadow copies under a different server called SQLsrv01 as mount points under the F drive F:\sql & F:\logs

If you have any problem using the above scripts, please leave a comment & I will be more than happy to follow up on it.


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One Response to '8.3. Microsoft vShadow Transaction Consistent Database Cloning to a different server'

  1. Katharina Essers - November 26th, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Hi Eiad,

    I got the link to your FCM Tutorial from Chris Zaremba, because it might help us to fulfill a customer requirement. I am working in the outsourcing division of IBM and one of our customers has the request to make a consistent clone of his productive SQL database evry morning.
    We first thougt that Tivoli Flashcopy Manager could help to resolve this request, but the functionality of cloning a SQL database is not implemented. As interim solution we wrote a script which sets the database offline, makes a flashcopy in the storage box and imports the clone to the other system. It works but the interruption of the production is not acceptable for the customer.

    I now hope that your scripts might help us. I will give you a description of our environement.

    – 2 data centers
    – 2 Windows 2008 servers with SQL 2008 running a cluster (one server in each data center)
    – data are mirrored via Veritas volume manager
    – DS8000 storage box
    – in each data center a clone of the production database has to be provided for another server (this means one clone in each data center)

    I am refering to chapter 8.3 in your tutorial. Can the scripts handle the above request? Is the installation of Tivoli Flashcopy Manager a prerequiste?

    Thanks a lot for an anwer,
    Katharina Essers

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