Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server (Day 4 – Part I)

Today, you will learn how to install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server. You have two methods of getting the installation steps. Just watching the small video below after each section, or read the article below. Ah should I make this video training to be a paid one!!! Should it cost $$$$? Just a thought. As I am not paid to put this online & really its more of a time constrain, I was not able to add voice to these video or re-edit the videos & did not want to drag this tutorial further till I add voice to them. If you want to donate some of your time to do this, I can provide the video source.

Note: unfortunately I did not have the original media of the IBM TSM 5.5 at the time I was writing this tutorial so I have downloaded the installers from the IBM website & put them in a folder called TSM_Images on my E drive. My installation will be done from there, though the same files are available on the media CDs provide by IBM.

1- Login to the TSM Server with an account with a local admin privileges.

2- Check out the Java version & make sure its compatible with the TSM version to be installed. Java 1.4.2 is recommended for TSM 5.5. The command to check the Java version is java -fullversion. If the version you have is not supported then go to and download the required Java version.

3- Double click on the IBM TSMĀ  5.5 server setup file

4- Choose the installation language (English in our case) and then hit OK

5- Hit Install Product

6- Click TSM Server

7- If TSM prompt you to install MSXML 6.0 SP1 hit OK to all the installation to proceed.

8- On the welcome screen hit next

9- Accept the license agreement and then hit next

10- Fill the user name (Administrator in our case) & fill the organization name then hit next

11- On the setup type window choose complete then hit next

12- Hit install

13- Hit finish.

Install TSM Server Licenses

1- After the installation of TSM Server the setup will return to the install product screen. Hit TSM Server Licenses

2- On the welcome screen hit next

3- Again fill the user name (Administrator) then click next

4- On the setup type screen choose complete then hit next

5- On the ready to install screen hit install

6- Hit finish.

Install TSM Language PacksĀ  & TSM Device Driver:

If you need a different language pack to be installed then when the install product screen come back again hit the TSM Language pack and follow the wizard. If you have a non IBM tape library then when the install product wizard return hit the TSM Device Drive & follow the wizard. These are not required for our labs & will be skipped.

Reboot the system.

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