3. IBM System Storage DS8100 Preperation for Tivoli FCM Installation.

Before even reaching to your IBM Tivoli Flash Copy Manager installation CDs, there are few preparation steps that must be carried out on the DS8100 & any SQL Server where you will install IBM FCM in our case SQLnode01_POC, SQLnode02_POC, & SQLsrv01_POC. Please note for the integration of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager with IBM Tivoli Flash Copy Manger, IBM TSM has to be separately installed & configured, though TSM installation is out of this book scope. Though if you have an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager already setup in your environment, you will be able to integrate IBM FlashCopy manager with it easily by running through the Wizard illustrated in later chapters. In this chapter we will focus on the DS8100 preparation for IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager Installation.

IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager requires DS8100 to run a certain Code Level as well having sufficient FlashCopy License enabled. To find out more about the required Code Level & DS8100 FlashCopy License please refer to “Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager Installation & User’s Guide for Windows.” In this guide we assume that the DS8100 is running a supported Code Level & have the FlashCopy feature already enabled. Please note upgrading the DS8100 Code Level & enabling the FlashCopy feature license activities will require a hardware CE involvement.

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