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NetApp fired 500 people which became a jet of $3 million

Wednesday 18 February 2009 @ 12:41 pm

I was shocked to read the title of this article at many of Spanish blogs I visit regularly. It seems NetApp had just declared a net loss of $75 million in its latest fiscal quarter. Few days before that they fired 500 employees to cut the costs. Then few days earlier they seems to buy a $3 million dollar jet for CEO. In some blogs, they assumed it was a privately own jets & on others it was mentioned to be bought by the company. I am not sure which one of the two stories is the truth, but I really hope these 500 employees salaries did not end up making that jet. If so then that is a huge abuse of using the credit crunch schema to fire people. I hope some one from Netapp clear the image in here :).

WAFL Check to fix Netapp / Nseries Volume or aggregate inconsistency

Saturday 14 February 2009 @ 7:40 am

In Netapp & IBM Nseries filers  and gateways (Or any storage running the Data ONTAP and using the WAFL File system) you might face a volume or aggregate inconsistency.  Its sad to say if you had this you will need to plan a downtime on the filer or the gateway to fix this. This seems to be more popular on large volumes & aggregate. I had usually seen this mostly on Volumes or Aggregates larges than 1TB.  Further more its wide spread on filers and gateways running earlier version of Data ONTAP prior to 7.2.4. If you are still running a Data ONTAP prior to 7.2.4 I highly recommend you update to

Netapp / Nseries How to assign disks to a different filer in a cluster

Saturday 14 February 2009 @ 6:21 am

Ok this might sound to be a silly task, but when you need to perform it, you might get frustrated. Actually several times we had to move or reassign disks to a different node/filer in our IBM Nseries Cluster. If you are not aware of the IBM Nseries then all I need to tell you its a Netapp box oemed as IBM. So again this post apply to N-Series as well Netapp clustered filers.