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Migrating Exchange 2007/2003 Cluster to a new SAN

Tuesday 14 February 2012 @ 1:04 pm

Its that day where you thought finally you got everything working perfectly with your Exchange infrastructure & your manager walk in and say our old storage where your Microsoft Exchange Server is installed is getting out of warranty and the good news we are replacing it with this new shiny storage box which should give us a better performance and durability. I need this done in a week time. Now you start scratching your head on how to move you Microsoft Exchange 2003 Cluster or Microsoft Exchange 2007 SCC(Single Copy Cluster) to the new SAN. While my article here can not do the work for you. It will show you how you can do it with ease, & without doing mailbox movement although that might be another good way to do it if you have extra hardware for it! Below is how to migrate your Microsoft Exchange Cluster to a new SAN. As well you can find my article on migrating SQL at:

Microsoft SQL Cluster Data Migration to a new SAN

Tuesday 14 February 2012 @ 12:22 pm

As with every IT environment new elements and upgrades are becoming a daily task rather than being a yearly task few years back. One of the most consuming upgrade task is storage migration. Your boss has just bought this new shiny storage box & he got it installed by the vendor in the datacenter. Now he need you to move all your production workload to it in no time. Well, if you are in a totally virtualized enviornment and has no Microsoft Clusters in place, then this can be easy and dandy with features like VMware Storage VMotion(ah sorry Only VMware offer such a feature at the moment, but that is not our topic for the day. Anyway did you choose the right Virtualization Product? Hope So!).  If you still in the physical world then this is much more work even for non clustered machines, but machines with Microsoft Clusters will be the ones to involve the most amount of work. In this Article I will show you how to migrate Microsoft SQL Cluster Data from your old SAN to a new one  If MS Exchange is what you are looking for then look at: Migrating Exchange 2007/2003 Cluster to a new SAN. The same steps should work for: